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We are an ecological project of 6 Vacation Villas, in a tropical garden with pool, focused on families and wellness, located in Playa Hermosa, 3 minutes from the beach, 8 minutes from Jaco, Costa Rica. Our low impact lodging option is based on sustainability practices that help protect the fragile areas in the surroundings. We are focused on health and wellness, through contact with nature, promoting the use of natural products, using alternative methods of detoxification and natural health and encouraging wellness and recreation.

Vacation Rentals & House Rentals in Jacó - Costa Rica

Doyo House | Ecovital Eco-Lodge | Jacó Costa Rica

Doyo House [Up to 7 Pax]

DOYO HOUSE Situated under the branches of a cenizar tree this undoubtedly is the most rustic of all of our vacation houses. The walls of this house are entirely made of clay and straw. The home boasts and artisan crafted wood roof keeping the rental cool and cozy. It has a spacious floor plan, 2 […]

Prices start at: $125 per night

Del Alto House | Ecovital Eco-Lodge | Jacó Costa Rica

Del Alto House [Up to 5 Pax]

DEL ALTO HOUSE Is located in the heart of Playa Hermosa between the beach and the mountains. A perfect place to get in touch with nature, while still being close to everything that modern life offers. Enjoy this rustic vacation cabin set amidst a tropical garden and pool. Capacity for up to 5 people, 1 […]

Prices start at: $80 per night

Arcilla House Ecovital Lodge in Jaco Costa Rica

Arcilla House [Up to 4 Pax]

ARCILLA HOUSE This home was built on a 5,000 meter plot of land, located under the shade of large bamboo colony and various large trees. This is one of the coolest houses, and is constantly hit by a cool ocean breeze. The house features large eaves that prevent the sun light from heating the inside; […]

Prices start at: $66 per night

Mango House | Ecovital Eco Lodge | Jacó Costa Rica

Mango House

MANGO HOUSE Is a large wood house, surrounded by large trees. It has 2 bedrooms with AC and ceiling fans, 2 bathrooms, equipped kitchen with 4 burners and oven, refrigerator, all cooking appliances, dishes and breakfast bar. The home has a lovely terrace with a large dining table, roofed parking, separate entrance and a walkway […]

Roble House | Ecovital Eco-Lodge | Jacó Costa Rica

Roble House [Up to 6 Pax]

ROBLE HOUSE This beautiful vacation rental is surrounded by gardens and sheltered by old growth trees. The home is made of cement and inlaid with attractive artisan wood work. Tall ceilings and an open floor plan keep this house comfortable year round. There is parking for two vehicles just steps away from the pool. There […]

Prices start at: $150 per night

Teca House | Ecovital Eco-Lodge | Jacó Costa Rica

Teca House [Up to 2 Pax]

TECA HOUSE Was built on a 5,000 meter plot of land, located on the highest point of the property. It is surrounded by large trees and located only a short distance away from the beach. This, along with multiple windows keep the house cool year-round. This home is made primarily of wood and mud and […]

Prices start at: $58 per night

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Reiki in Costa Rica – Book a Session

Price: $50

Reiki Jaco Costa Rica Kundalini EcolodgeReiki is a method used to give vital energy to another living being. Which you feel or we feel the need. Reiki has been passed from one person to another through a simple knowledge, using the energy that emanates from every living being himself to give to another. It can be given anywhere, at any time or circumstance of life. It is not required to put anything more than hand pressure, breathing, intention and love to promote emotional, mental and physical health of those who need or who we want to deliver healing. Using hand pressure in different parts of the body helps activate and release energy that for different reasons is blocked or poorly distributed causing ailments and tensions inherent of the stressful modern life. The negative product of such a fast paced life is often coupled with an inability to calm and relax the mind.

Reiki is helpful in times like these to promote healing energy levels visibly manifested in an improving physical body. It is a simple and very powerful technique that can be easily learned by anyone who has the desire to channel healing energy towards all living beings. In Ecovital Costa Rica Lodge you will have an opportunity learn and experience what Reiki can do for your mental relaxation, your mood, and your over-all physical well-being. In our garden surrounded by trees, cool breezes and the sounds of wildlife or within your casita, you can enjoy a session of Reiki.

Steam Bath in Jaco Beach, Costa Rica

Price: $40 / 2 hs

Baño de Vapor Playa Hermosa Jacó Costa RicaThe steam bath is a natural method of health and detoxification, used since ancient times, that cleanses the body and relaxes it. It consists of a hot room with steam that alternates with cold showers generating an increase in blood circulation promoting the cleaning and detoxification of the internal organs of the body.

These temperature changes wake nervous activity and accelerate organizational change, with a path to comprehensive regeneration of the body. Hence this application is fortifying and toning and never weakens. We know that the nervous system is the setting and action which keeps the functions of nutrition and elimination in the resting whole life process. Congested skin with the temperature change, the internal organs of the body are working with minimal blood supply that provides them with great relief and is of great benefits for heart and lung patients including asthma. Alternating hot and cold on the skin you get an increase in blood circulation to the skin and vece versa, allowing for a real bloodwash through millions of pores and is highly purifying. This application, expelling all kinds of organic impurities through the pores of the skin from perspiration, thus rids the body of inorganic minerals, drugs, toxins and uric acid. Implemented during the steam bath is aromatherapy massage of the feet, back and head. This is to activate and stimulate healing processes that are reflected in these areas.

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